UDID Grabber

I created this tool for quick retrieval of my iOS UDID. I added encryption, local storage, and rewrote it a few times. Some of the code is on GitHub.


I designed an XML format for storing Shakespeare play scripts. I then created a renderer web app in Node.js. I also created a tool for scraping Shakespeare text and putting into XML. My work in in the public domain on GitHub.


My year taking AP Computer Science A. Some homework. Some random code. All Java goodness.

PocketMine Banners

I develop this tool with @99leonchang. It queries MCPE game servers and generates PNG banners with game statistics. Currently closed source and in PHP. I started working on modules for a rewrite in Node.js.


mcpe.me is a hostname creation service for MCPE servers. Any MCPE can regsiter x.mcpe.me easily. Old code is open source on GitHub.

BuyCraft for PocketMine

I created a popular port of BuyCraft for Bukkit (written in Java) to the PocketMine server platform (PHP). It features multi-threading magic and other stuff which one shouldn't attempt in PHP. I have written many other plugins for PocketMine which can be found on GitHub.