Passport (Kyoshitsu)

Kyoshitsu is a gameification tool for schools. Students earn badges for completing activities. The system was created for my high school and includes many powerful features. Teachers can generate codes and review requests for badges. If you are interested in purchasing a copy or implementing it at your school, contact me.


Pronouny allows people to sign up and post their pronouns (he/him, they/them, ze/hir, and etc), names, and gendered nouns (man, woman, etc.). Then people can check the website to easily find accurate information to use for people they meet. If somebody changes their name or pronouns, they can alert all their friends instantly. In the future: I hope to develop a system to allow websites to communicate with my app, so personal pronouns will automatically appear on other websites. Think Gravatar, but for information you would use to refer to someone in conversation.

Social order in King Lear

I created pretty visualizations of the social structurs in Shakespeare's King Lear for my Literature class. I used THREE.JS to create the visualizations. I have a lot of fun trying to apply Computer Science to my other interests and I think this is an example of my success in that.


FOG is a joke language that I made with a couple of "AP Computer Science" classmates. It is based on text formatting. For example: underlining text will print it. We created a specification for a basic version and mapped out how code will be compiled. There is now a very basic "linker" (we call it a "source normalizer") and compiler.


OCWS (Online Canon of William Shakespeare) is an in-progress online edition of Shakespeare's works. I started it several years ago and have been adding it to it in my free time. I designed a storage format for plays (subset of XML), built a crawler for existing online sources, and created a Node.js app to render the XML data.

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