General info

I live in Vancouver, Canada. I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. I enjoy working with people who view programming as both an artistic and scientific endeavour. I use they/them pronouns online (in person they might be different). I like cats. I like reading. I like computers.


I taught myself how to program in elementary school. I taught myself PHP and started working with PocketMine, the company which creates server software for Minecraft Pocket Edition. I built the majority of the plugins for Minecraft Pocket Edition servers, which have amassed millions of downloads. I was hired by several of the largest server companies to work on their servers.

Then I learned Javascript and NodeJS and started building a variety of web apps and working with local theatre companies to develop marketing tools. Last year, I developed a gameification system for my high school. Now I am getting a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and trying to find projects which I am passionate about. I know Javascript, PHP, Java, some C, and some Lisp. I have extensive experience with NodeJS, Mongo, and AngularJS.

Team management and Customer Service

I have experience coordinating and working with remote teams. I competed in my first Hackathon with a completely remote team (Canada, Taiwan, and Australia) and our team was a finalist. I also co-founded and was co-preseident of the Computer Science club at my school and coordinated our first Hour of Code event.

I enjoy helping clients solve problems. I pride myself in the support I provide to the users of my software. I have experience moderating content at the Minecraft Forum, PocketMine forums, Wikipedia, and Minecraft Seeds. Each of those sites has millions of users and delivering effective customer support is a fast paced and difficult job.


I like literature a lot. I have read a ton of books and I hope to read a ton more. My favourite right now is "The Shadow of the Wind".

I have a passion for Shakespeare. I have volunteered for the Shakespeare festival in my city for the past three years and I have been taking classes there for the past five years. I have played roles such as Henry V and Horatio. You can probably find some pictures of me online wearing various costumes.