Service Average response time Current response time Notes
@falkirknh 6-8 hours 2-3 days Twitter is checked regularly throughout the day.
@Falkirks < 12 hours < 24 hours GitHub projects are checked regularly throughout the day. Issues may not recieve responses, but they are noted.
[email protected] 12-24 hours 3-5 days [email protected] isn't pushed and is only checked every couple days. Unimportant messages may be held. If your message is important, you may recieve a response from my personal email address, this is checked much more often.
PocketMine forums 24 hours 3 weeks PocketMine forums is checked infrequently. Notifications (except content reports) are not pushed.
@falkirknh 4-8 weeks (if you don't contact me beforehand) 4-8 weeks I only check Skype once every couple months. If you want to contact me through Skype, please let me know elsewhere first.

All email accounts not listed above are not guaranteed to be checked and you may not receive a response.